Partnership with MT Educare

MT Educare Ltd.- the company that owns the brand Mahesh tutorials, is a corporate institution that provides holistic education and mentors youth, through its qualified faculty and result-oriented teaching methodologies. Since its inception more than two decades ago, MT Educare today has expanded to over 220 coaching centres across India.
It has 3000+ staff and faculty, and over 1,15,000 students enrolled.


Dr. Chhaya Shastri has over 20 years of industry experience in various sectors like infrastructure, healthcare, media & education. She has a multidimensional education background in Allied Medicine, Law and Management,being an alumni of IIM Calcutta. Due to her passion for education , she is a mentor to an NGO called Global Education Trust and a Pre - University College at Karnataka.
Her key contribution in last 10 years has been to corporatize MT Educare to a public listed entity & creating wealth for all the stakeholders. In the year 2013, MT Educare received an award for being a fastest growing under a billion Company. One of the innovative strategies implemented by her in this case was to convert the Domain experts into futuristic Business Leaders within the organization. She continues to be a Managing Director till date working on the strategic initiatives for the company.
Her forte in this geography-the middle east, is to know the education challenges that are faced by the resident population, study needs of the students of working parents and channelizing the student's efforts to their desired future career.


Dubai is considered as Asia’s global business hub, a cosmopolis where people from all across the world come to be a part of the progressive and prosperous culture. Here, students from various nationalities study and fashion their culture. It was in this complex educational milieu that Excelencia, powered by MT Educare, commenced its global operations in 2007.

The aim was to provide future global citizens a solid foundation in academics as well as proper mentoring, so that they can take on challenges with confidence wherever they may be in the world in future.

The student-mix comes from diverse backgrounds and hence Excelencia takes steps to provide a comfortable study environment in which students are groomed to achieve distinctions in their subjects.

Excelencia Institute, powered by MT Educare, is a vision. It is amongst the leading educational institutions in Dubai that aims to impart quality education in the field of test preps and management training. By integrating cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art educational modules, we accentuate the learning and retention process. At Excelencia, our expert faculty delivers the highest level of education, motivation and guidance to our students, ensuring performance par excellence.

Excelencia takes pride in being a part of nurturing the young minds in this global city and helps them in getting ready for the professional mainstream where top global careers welcome them with open arms. Excelencia presents a team of highly qualified professionals, richly experienced in various academic fields. Our management training workshops have created original thinkers, who are creating a difference all over the world.

Keeping in tune with the changing needs and habits of 21st century students, Excelencia has introduced technology-aided teaching to make studies easy, convenient and fun, all at the same time. Leveraging the best and the latest technology has always been a hallmark at our institute.